Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The First Decision

I have been inspired by so many blogs that I have decided to have a few focused on things that are important to our family. I think it is a great way to journal progress and keep memories. This is a blog about our learning journey. We have been homeschooling/unschooling our son who is already five for about two years. In this time he has learned so much and I’m happy that I’ve gotten to see his progress and gone on this journey with him. I truly have been so blessed.

It amazes me how disappointed some people are when they find out that we homeschool. Like they feel that because we choose to homeschool we are dooming our children. I challenge everyone that thinks in this way when they come across our blog to educate themselves about homeschooling, and even if you don’t think this way, educate yourself about homeschooling. I never thought I would homeschool our children. NEVER, seriously! I never even contemplated the idea, because I didn’t think my husband would ever consider the idea. I can’t believe how I just assume sometimes, assuming gets me into trouble at times. My husband is the one that came home one day and said to me, I think homeschooling would benefit our children greatly. He had all the research right in plain sight and it was so great, that I thought, how can I say no to something that is greater then I ever realized.

At the time, our son had just begun preschool and it wasn’t working. He was around 3 ½ and cried every time we left him there, it broke my heart. But everyone around me was putting their children in school. If I didn’t, I thought he wouldn’t be as smart, as independent, and as social, boy was I WRONG! He is all of those things and so much more. To me, my husband coming home with this idea to homeschool was a sign from God since things weren’t going so well for him at preschool. I admit we didn’t give it much time for him to adjust to preschool, but homeschooling seemed so much more beneficial then any school we could send him to. And I still believe that, that our children will benefit so much more from being homeschooled. We took him out of that preschool and the principal was very kind and reassured us that this happens. He told us more often boys don’t like school like girls and struggle to start. I now look back and realize that if he would have been a year older I think he would have been more independent and did ok in school, but to me this was our sign, our destiny that God had led us to a different path that we would take. Something that would surely show us, that things don’t always go as planned and that sometimes things will go much better then we ever would have imagined.


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