Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Love Bug is 20 Months Old

My, oh my, how the time has flown by....I can’t believe we are already in the last week of January!

Love Bug is growing fast and a ball of energy and absolutely amazing! She is taking in so much and is trying to copy things we do this month more than ever before.

Lizard Man loves to tell her to say this or that and she is learning a lot that way. Love bug is talking a lot more. She says no and shakes her head a lot! Geeee, I wonder why that is…”No, don’t do that”, “no, don’t touch that”, “no-be nice to the kitty-cat”….hmm. She was saying no to everything, so we taught her yes this month! Lizard Man was pretty good about teaching little sis the word yes with the appropriate head nod. She still says no most of the time, but it is fun when there is an occasional yes in there now.

Love Bug is learning her manners and says “peeese” (please) and “tank you” (thank you) at appropriate times, even surprising me with a “tank you mama” out of the blue last night! She sure is polite! I don’t remember Lizard Man being this polite at her age, but maybe I’m more into making sure she is polite because she is a girl, although those weren’t my intentions.

Baby is also one of love bugs favorite words now and she drags along her baby dolls A LOT. This month she started trying to nurse them, it is so cute especially when she tries to nurse them from her bellybutton.

These photos of Love Bug were taken after I washed her face when she got into some candy big brother left lying around. Yes, you got that right, AFTER I washed her face! Still blue! Wow, that is some blue I thought and grabbed the camera!

Have an awesome day!


Husband & Wife Team

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