Monday, October 3, 2011

A Whale at the End of the Rainbow

Love Bug watched an episode of Reading Rainbow today.
The episode happened to be about one of Word Geek's latest fasinations,

I won't recap the episode.
You can watch it here:

Reading Rainbow - Season 7, Episode 56: Humphrey... by Deon_Flood

But, Love Bug really loved the story.
And the gears started turning in her head.
Right after hearing the story of Humphrey The Lost Whale

Love Bug: "Mom, I wish we could have a whale."
Mama: "Where would we keep it?"
Love Bug: "In the bathroom."
Mama: "Where in the bathroom? In the bathtub?"
Love Bug: "No, in a container. We could get a baby."
Mama: "The babies are bigger than our bathtub."
Love Bug: "Maybe we could get a really big container."

I love her unschooled mind and creative process.
I continue on trying to be more open-minded.
Trying hard not to tell her that certain things aren't possible.

We watched the episode again tonight with the whole family.
And I'm thinking watching Reading Rainbow episodes might become a regular event, each week at this household.
Everyone enjoyed it.

Humphrey the Whale is quite an interesting whale.
Word Geek has told me that humpback whales are the most social of all whales.
They sing to each other--also stated in the episode of Reading Rainbow.
Word Geek calls humpback whales, the bards of the sea.

And what ever happened to Reading Rainbow?
It was cancelled in 2006 due to budget problems.
But hey, Reading Rainbow fans!
Reading Rainbow is being reinvented for the iPad with LeVar Burton's help.

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