Monday, August 31, 2015

2nd Annual National NOT Back To School Day | Unschooling

September 1st is National Not Back To School Day!

National NOT Back To School Day is a day to focus on the here and now. 
Living in the present, not constantly in the future.
A day to celebrate staying home/going places, as unschoolers. 
People that believe in learning organically.
Creating, discovering, exploring, growing, laughing, living, learning, loving.

This year, let’s visit one reason why we are so happy to NOT be going “back to school”.  There are those moments where common sense goes out the window when people are in school.  There are situations where faculty send a kid home because the child has brought something to school that, for decades, has been a non-issue.  Only now is one set of administrators banning superheroes in the school setting, to stave off any notion that school supports violence (superheroes represent violence, don’t you know?).  It’s not even political correctness in which we find ourselves.  Today, schools are dealing with situations that might lead one to think that violence is being condoned:  food in the shape of weapons, human mouths making the sounds of war, mere references to violent movies, etc.  The no-tolerance policy in schools, in some cases, overtakes common sense—children become the victims in what should be a rational approach to fending off violent situations.

Join us in celebrating being unschoolers together by posting photos and what you are doing with your child(ren) too or sharing unschoolish quotes by using the hashtag:  #NNBTSDay #NationalNOTBackToSchoolDay #NOTBackToSchoolDay to your Blogs, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

“It’s not that I feel that school is a good idea gone wrong, but a wrong idea from the word go.  It’s a nutty notion that we can have a place where nothing but learning happens, cut off from the rest of life.”  - John Holt


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