Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Eve and Welcoming the New Year with Resolutions!

New Years Eve night we just relaxed at home. I dozed off, and Word Geek woke me up with a sweet kiss on the cheek to wake me and wish me a Happy New Year.

New Years Eve was a long, emotional day for me us as we went to Brevin’s funeral. And of all days in the years we have lived here, it was kind of eerie coming home to find a sled in our front yard, all by its lonesome, that isn't ours. It definitely made us think of Brevin even more.

I would have liked to have taken a nap when we got home from the funeral, because I was also worn out from the visitation the night before, but somehow I couldn’t sneak a nap in, even an evening nap would have been nice.

We ended up finishing off a season of The Office, which is one of my favorite shows. It just cracks me up and I think that Word Geek and I really needed the laughs. We also watched a movie, but sometimes it doesn’t matter how interesting a movie is if I’m tired.

Do you have New Year Resolutions? I try to have at least one thing I will try to do or work on harder after the New Year has begun. Last year it was getting back into being more creative, in which I think I accomplished in 2008.

This year is going to be focusing more on the kids and our family. Here are three goals for the New Year so far:

1. Praising our children more for their good behavior and the good things they do.

2. Spending more ONE on ONE time playing/doing activities with each child.

I’m going to ask Lizard Man some things he wants to do with just Mom and just Dad this year and then we will make it happen. I think sometimes Love Bug hogs me and daddy too, which we love, but at the same time I know Lizard Man misses out. For example, I had Lizard Man in my lap last night and Love Bug was by daddy, as soon as she saw Lizard Man on my lap, she had to be on my lap too.

Making each child feel special with ONE on ONE time is important to me.

3. Spending even more quality time as a family together.

We do this a lot already, but I think we should make it even more of a priority. Sundays are family day at our household. I'm hoping to relax, play, read, play board games/cards, go to the park, and do lots of other activities even more with my family.

I hope everyone is having a Happy New Year and appreciating family and friends so much more, I know I am.

Happy New Year! God Bless YOU and your family in the year 2009!


Husband & Wife Team

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